Matching ankara headscarf and clutch bag

So why the name, wax prints?!

Happy woman wearing African prints headscarf earrings and bag

In short, its because they're made through a traditional Indonesian technique called batik. Wax methods are used to stop dyes from reaching parts of the cloth in order to create unique patterns.

In slightly more detail...Designs are engraved onto copper rollers and then printed onto both sides of pre-bleached (100%!) cotton using melted (natural!) pine tree wax.

This cotton is then put into a dye bath where exposed parts are dyed. The wax is often deliberately cracked, allowing small parts of the dye to seep through, giving the unique look of most wax print patterns.

Another separate process is then used to stamp solid colours onto the design before the cotton is washed to remove the wax and excess dyes.

Due to this unique nature of the wax printing process, each is perfectly imperfect. Its impossible to make each piece of cloth exactly the same. So each ream is truly unique - JUST LIKE THE AMAZING PEOPLE WHO WEAR THEM! 😊💕😊

 **African wax prints also known as Ankara, African Prints, Batik and Dutch Wax**

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