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Beautiful African Names for Beautiful African Prints

Africa has a rich history of providing descendants with meaningful names that are reflective of their culture and values. With that in mind, we always strive to give the wax print fabrics that we sew our products from names as beautiful as they are themselves. Here the are meanings to some of our popular past and present prints ✨️✨️
SHOPE: pronounced “Sho Peh” means make joy/thanks in Yoruba.
KOJO: originating from the Akan people, meaning born on a Monday. People born on particular days are thought to exhibit the characteristics or attributes associated with the days. Males born on this day tend to be peaceful.
KWESI: originating from the Ashanti people and their Ashanti day naming system, meaning born on a Sunday.
BUNMI: pronounced “Bun-Mee” meaning to be my gift.
BUKI: short for Bukola, meaning added wealth.
IYARA: we've given this Yoruba name, meaning swift one, to this iconic speed bird print. Birds are an important symbol in many cultures, often referring to change, prosperity, freedom and transition. For example, in Ghana this pattern refers to the transience of riches: rich today, poor tomorrow; money has wings and can fly away.
ADEDAPO: Yoruba name meaning royalty brings the people together. People with the name Adedapo are believed to have a deep inner desire for order and physical creativity.
OBA: means Chief or ruler.
TUNDE: means returns. When combined with other Yoruba words such as Baba (father) or Yeye/Iya/Mama (mother) to form e.g. Babatunde and Yetunde, the meaning becomes 'father or mother has returned'.
FOLA: a Nigerian Yoruba name, meaning Honour.
SADE often the other half of the popular name, Folasade – thus also encompasses honour in its full meaning ‘honour deserves a crown’.
TOBI: means the popular saying ‘God is good’.
AYO: brings with it all the positive vibes as it means great joy and happiness.
SEWA: signifies beauty.
ANIKA: the Hausa name, meaning sweetness of the face.
IFE: means love or lover of art and culture
KIOKO: is from the Kamba, who were long distance traders in Kenya and means one who is born in the morning.
REMI: has cultural significance as the name means oarsman or remedy.

So, now that you know the beautiful meanings behind many of our African prints, the only question is which prints will you choose when buying your next tote bags, cushion covers, oven gloves, make-up bags or baskets at!

Signing out with gratitude and thanks,
Kiks* @lollykiks

*from the Nigerian Yoruba name ‘KIKELOMO’, meaning ‘a child is to be pampered’ 😊

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